GS E & C

CEO & MD's Message

Welcome to our company

GS E&C Delhi Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of GS E&C Corporation, South Korea (formerly LG E&C). We started our journey in India in the year 2006 by offering our design & detail engineering services in the field of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Refineries Projects.

We take immense pride in sharing that since the inception, our company has ceaselessly been growing and  has been able to earn the distinct reputation amongst top-ranking EPC companies in India.

Our ever unquenchable quest to create the treasure of the best human talent & best in class engineering technology has enabled us successfully extend full scaled engineering services to our clients across the globe.

 We are now growing and will continue to grow such an independent engineering company under our slogan - WE SECURE SAFETY, DO FAIR INTERNAL MANAGEMENT, BE A TRUE COLLEGUE THROUGH ACTION RATHER THAN WORD!


I wish to extend my sincere thanks & good wishes to all our internal as well as our external customers for their unstinting interest, love & support for GS E&C Delhi. I, on behalf of entire management, hereby promise to be fully committed to create the best values for our customers, team & suppliers.


 Thank you 

CEO & Managing Director

 Kim, Jaebum